Heather's teaching style and material are appropriate for diverse settings including retreats, special events, one-day workshops, churches, schools, and more. Topics can be adapted to address the specific needs of the group or population. Additional requests and ideas are welcome!


Speaking Topics Include:


Called by a New Name: A Redemptive View of Sexual Abuse

A one day seminar for survivors, family members, caregivers or those who want to be more informed about the impact of sexual trauma from a Biblical framework. Questions that will be answered include: How does sexual abuse or trauma impact identity, beliefs and relationships?


What is the process of healing for those who have questions, struggles and wounds?

How does the hope of Christ our Redeemer impact our response to abuse and trauma?

Additional seminar designed for spouses and family members: Called by a New Name: Redeeming Relationships from the Effects of Sexual Abuse.

Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking is modern-day slavery that happens not only internationally, but in our own backyard. Brief presentations-1 day seminars designed for churches, service providers or community members will provide an overview of the definition of human trafficking, types and indicators of human trafficking, the psychological impact on victims of human trafficking and an effective response.


Parenting the Adolescent Female -- What to Expect & How to Find Balance: 

A seminar designed for parents of females.  Includes:  Importance of personal reflection of expectations and reactions as a parent; What to expect developmentally from your adolescent daughter; Identifying your role as a parent of your adolescent daughter; How to find a balanced approach; and what to do when my daughter seems “out-of-control.”  This can also be adapted for parents of males. 


Parenting the Egocentric, Insecure Adolescent:

Why does my teen think the world revolves around her?  Why doesn’t he think of others yet cares so much about what others think of him?  A seminar designed to address this enigma and the frustrations of parenting by discussing the normal psychological, physical, social, and spiritual development of an adolescent.  This seminar is designed to educate parents of what to expect from their teen, yet how to approach the frustrations of this challenging task with a balanced, loving, yet teaching perspective.


Parenting the Anxious Child -- Detecting and Addressing Signs & Symptoms:

Has there truly been an increase of children exhibiting symptoms of anxiety in the recent decade?  Are my child’s fears normal?  This seminar is designed to give a general overview of the various types of anxiety disorders and how they may be exhibited in children or adolescents.  Attendees will walk away with a greater understanding of the unique signs & symptoms, resources and assessment tools, indicators of when professional intervention could be helpful, and the types of treatment that could be useful for their child.  Finally, parents and caregivers can learn the vital role they play in addressing their child’s anxiety.


Being a Noah Parent in Today’s Society -- Identifying Important Values for Today’s Parent:

A seminar designed to focus on the battle that today’s family is facing in having a foundation on God’s Word.  The time will be used to address the role of parents; Identify patterns, priorities, and values for your family; and focus on what God’s Word says is the priority of parents.



An interactive seminar designed to identify how personality, conflict styles, and personal “baggage” play a role in relationships.  Participants will be given self-assessment tools and practical strategies for improving their interaction and communication with others.


Stressed Out??  Identifying and Assessing Stress and Its Role in my Life:

An interactive seminar designed for mothers.  Includes:  Self-reflection and tools for self-assessment to identify stressors, evaluate personal stress management, and the effect of stress on each individual; Identifying when stress becomes a problem; Strategies for coping with stress or making changes to eliminate stress.


The Food/Mood Connection:

A seminar designed for women that helps evaluate the relationship that may occur between diet and emotions.  Topics include:  The role food does/should serve; Why food?; Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating; Practical tools for changing our reliance on food as a coping tool.  Participants will be given Scriptural references, personal reflection tools, and other resources.


Enlightening the Eyes of Our Hearts--a Look at Ephesians 1:

A unique perspective of Ephesians 1:16-21, designed to evaluate the condition of our hearts and the result of our hearts being “enlightened to the hope of our calling” as believers in Christ.  This seminar is appropriate and applicable for women of all ages, backgrounds, and life experiences.


Evaluating Female Interaction:

A seminar designed for adolescent girls, but can be adapted for adult women.  In recent time, there has been a focus on “relational aggression” among females.  The difficulty women may have with communicating and appropriately resolving conflict is one that needs to be addressed.  This seminar will seek to integrate a Biblical perspective of God’s desire for interaction, combined with practical tools to evaluate each person’s interaction with other females, and ways to improve communication and dealing with conflict. 


Just Being Me:

A fun-filled seminar designed for pre-adolescent girls.  Girls will have the opportunity to participate in dialogue and activities that address the following topics:  Who am I?  What do I believe (about others, self, God)?  Who IS God?  How do I just be me when others want me to be something different?


Biblical Womanhood:

Session 1: Understanding our Design: How Women Reflect the Image of God
Identify what Scripture says about womanhood and the distinct ways that women reflect the image of God. Through Scripture we will see how sin has distorted this original design and purpose and God’s plan to redeem His people to their original design through Christ.

Session 2: Living our Design & Redemptive Calling
God has given the responsibility to the church to teach sound doctrine. As sound doctrine is taught within the church, men and women learn and teach what it means to live out the truth of the Gospel. Specifically, Godly women are called to train other women to understand and live the truths of Biblical womanhood. It is God’s grace that teaches and transforms us to live and teach Biblical truth. What is sound doctrine? What does it mean to be taught by God’s grace?

Session 3: Teaching Our Design
Through the Scripture, God has given us great examples to follow. As we continue to understand God’s design and His plan for teaching women to think and live Biblically, we will study the examples of Mary, Elizabeth, and Anna. As we learn from their example of knowing, living and teaching truth, we will share ideas for ministry within the church that equips and disciples other women in their God-given roles.


Depression: A tool of the Redeemer

Goal: To equip individuals with an accurate, comprehensive understanding of Depression from a bio-psycho-social-spiritual model. By the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with clarification of common misconceptions, and seeing depression as a tool in God’s ultimate plan of redemption.


Who’s in the Mirror?  Discovering your True Reflection, a seminar for adolescent girls


General Topics:

  • Parenting Issues:
         Discipline Skills
         Other assorted topics
  • Female Issues:
         Eating Disorders
  • Mental Illness:
         Signs and Symptoms
         Behavioral Problems
  • Communication Skills:
         Effective Communication
  • Pastor’s Wives:
         Handling Stress & Maintaining Balance:  The Perplexing Life of a Pastor’s      Wife
         The Condition of our Heart
  • Miscellaneous:
         Adolescence (Wide range of topics)
         Identity in Christ
         Social Skills for Children & Adolescents
         God’s Redemptive Story: A look at God’s grace in the lives of           women
         Protecting our thought life
         The Five Love Languages Seminar (for couples or parents)
         Biblical Womanhood