“Coming here really helped my son.  He is a lot better with his feelings.  It helped having someone besides Mom or Dad to talk to”


”I know my son would agree that these counseling sessions helped to open the lines of communication between us a bit more.  It was helpful for my son to hear from someone other than me, that my requests and expectations of him were not so unreasonable.”


“I am very happy with the treatment my daughter has received.  Heather is great with her.  She has really learned to how to deal with her anger.”


“Heather’s gentle, but direct manner was so helpful.  I appreciate the way she counseled.  She let us figure things out for ourselves, as they related to our lives without giving her opinion.  She was not judgmental towards our family situations.  Her expert counseling sessions helped us find our way and improve our situation.” 


“Heather was always professional and objective in offering guidance but yet underneath, I sensed she was very caring and sensitive to my feelings. I don’t know how she was able to balance the two so smoothly! I was always amazed how well she did her job and how kind she was. "


"Heather Evans has shared several times with my group that is designed for women struggling with emotional issues.  Each time, Heather was very effective in combining practical ideas with spiritual ideas.  I feel that God has gifted her...with insight that is helpful for those that are hurting.  If the current counselor that I use was not available, I would not hesitate to go to Heather for help.  We look forward to hearing Heather again!"   Founder of PST support group Bethlehem, PA


“...It was apparent that Heather had a strong desire to allow God to work through her, to speak to the needs of our group. She took the time to sit and ask questions about the needs of the group, and about the life circumstances and issues that would be helpful to address.    Heather was very intentional and thorough in planning the material that she shared with us.  During the classes, she did an excellent job of engaging the group, allowing for conversation but keeping us on task.”  Director of Christian Education, church in Emmaus, PA.